Researcher - Expertise Centre for Digital Media - Hasselt University

Research Projects


ImmCyte - Immuno Cytometry
This project’s aim is to improve insight in and exploit immune cell complexity in chronic infection disease models and in neurodegeneration, by means of new cellular phenotyping technologies (Single Cell Sequencing and Multi-Parametric High-Content Imaging on non-adherent cells).

Single-Cell Image and Data Analysis:
To develop methods for large scale data handling and processing (>10X to current image sets from standard High-Content Imaging)
To develop methods for cell segmentation, feature extraction and cell classification
To enable analysis of large scale heterogeneous cell populations, utilizing high-dimensional phenotypic signatures


Exascience Life Lab: High-Throughput Plate Processing in Cellprofiler


HiViZ - iMinds visualization research program


Remixing Reality
Computer-generated graphics and imagery have become ubiquitous in numerous fields including film, computer games, medical and scientific visualization, architecture, tele-collaboration, virtual walkthroughs, advertising, and social internet applications. However, generating and integrating truly realistic synthetic imagery and photographs or video remains cumbersome, challenging and prohibitively computationally expensive. We propose to overcome these difficulties by developing a novel representation of moving 3D objects and scenery, that will bridge the gap between geometry-based approaches (such as triangle meshes) traditionally used for modeling and rendering, and pixel-based approaches traditionally used for images and videos. By combining the advantages of both approaches, we will enable new applications such as interactively navigating 3D video environments augmented with virtual objects (and vice versa) while maintaining fully realistic appearance and lighting.


SCENE - Novel Scene Representation for Richer Networked Media (EU)
The objective is to create and deliver richer media experiences. The SCENE representation and its associated tools will make it possible to capture 3D video, combine video seamlessly with CGI, and manipulate and deliver it to either 2D or 3D platforms in either linear or interactive form.